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You can dream it we can do it.  We do not force you to choose from a menu.  Myself and my talented team can breathe life into your event with any type of food you may want.  If you want us to drop off food and leave, set it up and stay awhile, or be there all night.  We are client driven and truly cater to your needs.  Set up a free consultation to understand what you really need in your event today!

Event Planning

Need help planning your next event?  Do not have time and want us to do it all?  We have you covered...  

Everyone told me that I could not plan my own wedding, make it successful, and have fun.  I love proving people wrong...  People still talk about it to this day.  It is in my blood and I have been planning events since my high school years.  Planning an event is simple if you understand the moving parts.  I have been there, done that, and have the t-shirts.  Come try me on for size and let me give you my insights with a free initial consultation


Is your business tired?  Do you need a fresh look or approach?  We can help.  My 25 years in the restaurant business can help you become more profitable.  We can help you redesign a current concept or launch a brand new one.  From interior design, logo, marketing, video, social media, to business processes we have you covered.  Don't keep losing money and customers one free consultation could change your course.

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About Us

Every bite with passion from our Soul to your table.



About a decade ago I found myself catering/event planning for family and friends with out even knowing I was.  “Can you make that dish for our party this weekend”.    “I need some help to plan this party, can you help?”.  “Can you make a signature cocktail for my party”. “Do you know a band that I could get for my party”. “Hey are you coming this weekend, can you make that dish I love and bring it”.  You get the picture...  

I have always had a love of BBQ and had been working my pit at home for years but disappointed when I had it at restaurants.  After about 2 years of working on my version of BBQ (sauces, rubs, and recipes) I started Smoking Soul BBQ 3 years ago.  My love and passion for cooking go far beyond my BBQ pits.  We grew as a company and as a team over the last year. Taking on any challenges in our path and succeeding with them.  People love our BBQ, but they also really loved all the many cuisines my team can cook.  Our time at the New Canaan Field Club as their caterer helped us to perfect many of the recipes that are in our arsenal today.  We are not just BBQ anymore and that is why I started this parent company, that my baby, Smoking Soul BBQ is still a big part of.

We are a client/event driven caterer.  If you can dream it we can do it.  If you are not good at dreaming and want us to help you, we can do that also.  I do not have a stagnate menu that looks like every other caterer that forces you to choose something.  Our mission is to make your event fun and talked about for weeks, months, and years to come.  You do this by creating something special and unique, we can do this... 

It starts with our  initial free consultation.  We sit and talk about the vision for your event.  As much or as little as you want us to do we will.  Everything has a price and we work hard to make it affordable on your budget with open and honest pricing.  We have relationships with vendors of different sorts and can work to get the best price for you.  

Call us today to create a soul for you next event and bring your party to life...

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